United Way Day of Caring

Thank You to the TCBA members that volunteered for the Day of Caring on September 26, 2014; Toni Hood, Paul Battan, Shirley Battan, Brian Brault, Allen Miller, Sara Kirry, Chris Medrzycki, Judge Schaller, Judge Wickham, Judge Buckley, Judge Meyer, Terry Church, Harriet Strasberg, Elizabeth Petrich, Katherine Davis-Delaney, Nancy Wright, Teresa Fisher, Theresa Ewing, Darren Nienaber, Trevor Zandell, and Heather Ligtenberg!  The TCBA team of volunteers helped clean up the downtown Olympia sidewalks by weeding, raking, scraping, picking up garbage, etc.   The Olympia Downtown Association and the TCBA greatly appreciated all your hard work!!
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Heather LigtenbergUnited Way Day of Caring