The Thurston County Bar Association actively supports the provision of pro bono legal services to those of limited means in Thurston County.  In addition to Thurston County Bar Association providing board members and financial contributions to Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services, TCBA’s members dedicate a significant number of hours each year providing pro bono legal services.  To learn more about TCBA’s Pro Bono Section, please contact Terry Church, Pro Bono Section Chair, at

Washington Supreme Court Pro Bono Publico Honor Roll


Lawyers who met or exceeded the expectation of providing 50 or more hours of pro bono service each calendar year are invited to become members of the Supreme Court Pro Bono Publico Honor Roll.  The following Thurston County Bar Association members earned this honor in 2013.


Katherine Bauer

Shelley Brandt

Angela  Carlson-Whitley

Sans Gilmore

Rebecca Glasgow

Jay Goldstein

John Gray

Melanie Hantze

Lawrence Hoffman

Charles Houle

Charles (Skip) Houser III

Paul James

Elizabeth Knight

Nancy Koptur

Nathan Kortokrax

Christopher Lanese

James Laukkonen

Lenny Lucenko

Judith Luther

Hannah McDonald

S. Tye Menser

Christina Meserve

Stacie-Dee Motoyama

Aaron Owada

Erin Patterson

Amy Perlman

Mark Peternell

Jean Pirzadeh

Elisa Ramirez

James Randall

Todd Rayan

Judith A. Redford-Hall

Daryl Rodrigues

Wade Samuelson

Lisa Seifert

Robert Shirley

Laurel Smith

Lynn Urstadt

Thomas Westbrook

Mark Wheeler


Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services

The following Thurston County Bar Association Members volunteered their services to pro bono clients at TCVLS’s Family Support Center legal clinic, Safeplace legal clinic, or Housing Justice Project in 2014.


Geoff Arnold

Paul Battan

Katie Beeler

Gina Bissel

Brian Brault

Megan Card

Katherine Davis-Delayne

Sue Dubuisson

Rebecca Glasgow

Rob Hatfield

Jenna Henderson

Lawrence Hoffman

Matt Huot

Toni Hood

Jay Jetter

John Kesler

Christopher Lanese

Judy Luther

Carmel Mackin

Hanna McDonald

Chris Medrzycki

Jamie Olivares

Jennifer Pearson

Jonathon Pitel

Christine Pomeroy

Anne Redord-Hall

Valerie Rickman

Holly Scott

Lauren Smith

Amee Tilger

Lynn Urstadt

Albert Wang

Kaylynn What

Michael Young

Jason Zittel




Heather LigtenbergPro Bono Section