The TCBA is launching a Mentor Program!
If you would like to serve in a mentor capacity please contact to find out how.

This page contains the names and contact information of local attorneys who are willing to serve as a mentor.
Their areas of practice are also listed so that you may choose the mentor that best fits your needs.

Larry Jefferson (360)754-4897: Criminal
John Skinder (360)786-5540: Criminal
Diane Whaley (360) 561-0026: Criminal Defense

Chris Coker (360) 357-7791: Employment; Administrative; Business Law
Stephen Bean (360) 357-2852: Employment; Business Law

Jonathan Sprouffske (360) 943-6747: Estate Planning/Probate; Collections or Bankruptcy

Margaret Brost (360) 357-0285: Family Law
Melissa Denton (360) 357-8669: Family Law
Michael DeWitt (360) 705-9000: Family Law
Lenny Lucenko (360) 943-6747: Family Law; Misdemeanor Criminal
Bill Pope (360) 866-4000: Family Law
Stephen A. Foster (360) 943-1770: Family Law; Plaintiff Personal Injury
William Kogut (360) 748-0093: Family Law; Guardianship; Probate; Social Security Disability
Paul Battan (360) 754-3901: Family Law

Trevor Zandell (360) 236-8755: Real Estate; Landlord/Tenant; Construction; Civil Litigation

Darren Nienaber (360) 753-8338: Local Government; Land Use; Environmental

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